Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Guo Li

Abstract: The retaining wall structure reliability calculation model was established by identifying the stability reliability analysis function of...

Authors: Yan Xia Zhang, Yun Peng Li, Lu Yao Wang, Fan Yang

Abstract: Based on the previous experiments and theoretical analyses, finite element analyses (FEA) and parametric study on seismic behavior of Cover...

Authors: Xian Li Yan, Qing Ning Li, Chang Gao, Li Ying Wang

Abstract: Taking a double span- swallows-type CFST (concrete-filled steel tubular) trussed arch bridge as an engineering example; a spatial finite...

Authors: Shi Mei Liu, Dong Sheng Huang

Abstract: The formulas to define the minimum ratio of length-to-thickness of the pier cross section of short-pier shear wall is presented, by which...

Authors: Shu Nan Lu, Chang Hai Zhai, Li Li Xie

Abstract: Records from 56 stations on free-field within 150km to causative fault surface are used as database during the Mw7.9 Wenchuan earthquake in...

Authors: Hai Zhang, Shuai Fang, Hua Tao Yin

Abstract: For the purpose of providing useful reference for optimizing the design of Collision-Prevention Device of Bridge Pier, analyzing the...

Authors: Xue Lan Sun, Chun Hong Hu, Jing Qi Xie

Abstract: Based on the current situation of the Lower Yellow River channel, this paper analyses the factors affecting river health, points out that...

Authors: Ji Ming Liu, Xiang Yang Xing, Zeng Wei Liu

Abstract: As Steel reinforced concrete (SRC) structure has a good prospect in Practical engineering, large number of studies carried out home and...

Authors: Zhi Chun Liu, Qian Yang, Ming Lei Sun

Abstract: This With the deepening of sustainable development strategy, groundwater environmental problems caused by tunnel projects are becoming more...

Authors: Jun Jie Luo, Cheng Su, Da Jian Han

Abstract: A model is proposed to simulate multivariate weakly stationary Gaussian stochastic processes based on the spectral representation theorem....


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