Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gu Hua Li, Ke Wang, Jian Dong Wei, Guang Jie He, Peng Zhou Li, Lei Sun

Abstract: This study concentrates on investigating the tensile strength of fresh concrete after the occurrence of an earthquake. The experiments have...

Authors: Yan Liu, Cheng Yi

Abstract: Micro-crack defects in concrete can affect the Chloride ion permeability of concrete in a certain extent. In the paper, the splitting...

Authors: Zhen Wang, Shu Ping Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the fire hazard of logistics centers, puts forward to prevent the spread of fire has important significance on study the...

Authors: Shu Ping Zhang, Wen Jun Wei

Abstract: This paper took a large store building from Xi'an city which was on fire in 2008 to be the research object, simulating fire smoke,...

Authors: Chan Juan Xu, Shu Ping Zhang, Jing Jing Zhang

Abstract: To a large comprehensive convention center as an example, this paper analyses the flow characteristics of fire smoke of the main hall and...

Authors: Xiang Zhen Li, Yi Feng Xie, Bing Li

Abstract: On the basis of the simplified model of lateral-torsional coupling isolated structure, dynamic equations of non-proportional damping...

Authors: Xin Yu Wang, Zhu Shan Shao, Yu Ming Cui

Abstract: Rockburst is a common dynamic failure phenomenon in deep-buried underground construction process, which greatly threatened the safety of...

Authors: Yu Li, Le Xia Dong

Abstract: Decreasing the temperature of fire field is one of the most important technologies of metro fire emergency rescue. It is calculated that the...

Authors: Li Xin Bao, Xiao Xu Tang

Abstract: Arch type on an empty stomach type arch bridge and push culvert in the disease that can arise different level under temperature role. The...

Authors: Han Xin He, Jian Long Zhou

Abstract: As a new type of section, central-open box sections are more and more popular. Some existed bridges of central-open box section can not to...


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