Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Han, San Qing Su, Yu Yang

Abstract: Stochastic medium theory is applied in the research of the ground settlements Induced by subway tunneling lately. There are a lot of...

Authors: Chun Ming Wei, Hui Su, Qiang Zhao, Chun Li Bi

Abstract: The quality of construction joint is significantly influenced by the precision in the concrete placement. In order to obtain the mechanical...

Authors: Shi Yuan Wu, Lin Zhu

Abstract: Sand pebble soil has a wide distribution, and its dynamic characteristics under dynamic loads become an important issue in engineering...

Authors: Mao Sheng Yang, Lei Liu

Abstract: In order to assess the standardization of safety accurately and objectively, this paper establishes the safety evaluation index system for...

Authors: Qian Li, Run Qiang Chen, Rong Bai

Abstract: In our real estate enterprises, the rapid growth and lopsided organization structure have become the obstacle for the development. This...

Authors: Yong Hong

Abstract: This paper presents the monitoring records of the deformation on the North Slope of Lishan Mountain in Lintong County, Shanxi, China. On the...

Authors: Guang Yao Fu, Fan Sheng Zeng, Min Tian, Yang Yang Zhou

Abstract: Through predict activities trend of ground fissures, given to the ground surface subsidence curve on the topper side in the next 50 years....

Authors: Wen He Cui, Qian Yu Chen, Yu Li

Abstract: In this paper, dry farming area in northern Shaanxi unique geographical and natural environment and industrial restructuring brought about...

Authors: Xi Ping Jiang, She Liang Wang, Yu Li Yong

Abstract: This paper researches on the hydrating capacity of HPC on freezing shaft lining in special thick alluvium as well as the temperature state...

Authors: Hui Min Li, Lin Xin Jia, Wen Yan

Abstract: The development of sports and the hold of the sports events have promoted the construction of sports venues. However, the government's...


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