Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tie Gang Zhou, Chen Ma, Ying Xu

Abstract: Gypsum-adobe wall structure is a new type of green earth building. The feature of its structure is that the wall uses adobe and plaster as...

Authors: Ling Jun Kong, Yan Bei Chen, Xiang Liang Ning, Qi Bin Jiang

Abstract: To study the anti-seismic performance of the viscous damper and the E shaped steel bearing on the continuous girder bridge, two models of...

Authors: Li Fang Liu, Xiao Xia Niu, Wang Yu, Xiao Man Liu

Abstract: using fixed concrete slump method,the carbonation resistance of concretes with high-volume fly-ash and ground granulated blast-furnace slag...

Authors: Chang Jiang Liu, Jin Long Wang

Abstract: The finite element model about greenhouse canopy of seismic analysis was setted up, The finite element analysis software ANSYS was used to...

Authors: Fan Gu, Jing Hai Zhou, Hong Hai, Yan Sheng Song

Abstract: Axial pullout test on ductile iron buried pipelines with MTS testing machine was carried out, the relation curve between axial tension and...

Authors: Jin Xiao

Abstract: In the southwest mountains, a lot of dangerous rock bands are widely distributed, whose formation conditions are complex, which are diverse,...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Zhan Yong Yao, Qing Sen Shang, Xiu Guang Song

Abstract: To study the feasibility of impact compaction on the foundation and subgrade compaction in Yellow River flooded area and explore...

Authors: Feng Ge Li, Hong Yu

Abstract: A new method to diagnose the damage of masonry structure using artificial network is brought forward. The frequencies and the ratio of...


Abstract: Removed due to Plagiarism. Original was published by Nicola Caterino, Mariacristina Spizzuoco, Antonio Occhiuzziexperimental Comparison of...

Authors: Xin Zhong Zhang, Lian Juan Miao

Abstract: Using general analysis software ANSYS establish non-isolated and isolation steel villa structure model, selecting a reasonable seismic wave...


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