Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Yue, Yun Fei Ding, Hui Jun Wu

Abstract: A model of rotary wheel combined with heat pump regeneration was presented and an experimental investigation on it was also carried out....

Authors: Ying Ying Tan, You Ming Chen

Abstract: In order to analyze the performance of ejector refrigerator, it is necessary to collect the operation parameters of the system. In this...

Authors: Jia Ping Liu, Lin Bo Chen

Abstract: Qinghai province is one of the important provinces in the development of the western region. It has a continental plateau climate and is...

Authors: Guo Qiang Xia, Cheng Ying Qi, Chun Hua Sun, Hua Yang, Bing Hong Yan

Abstract: As a new kind of heat metering and controlling system for central heating system, on-off ratio; on-off valve regulation and household heat...

Authors: Hui Long Luo, Xiao Chen, Jin Hui Peng

Abstract: A novel solar-powered hybrid energy system with cooling and heating is presented, which consists of an adsorption ice maker subsystem and...

Authors: Da Hua Jiang, An Gui Li, Fa En Shi, Zhi Hua Wang

Abstract: This article uses CFD to study the efficiency of ventilation and pollution discharge of double polluted sources in the lab, and investigate...

Authors: Li Yun Jiang, Jian Xiang Chu, Yu Sheng Cao

Abstract: Direct Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) has advantages of energy conservation, convenience repair and low production cost. An air-cooled platform...

Authors: Jian Bo Chen, He Li, Ling Xi

Abstract: A natural and environment friendly refrigerant propylene and propane are proposed as the substitute of R22 in air conditioner. The...

Authors: Da Yu Zheng, Wei Dang Liu, Xin Chen

Abstract: This design of the ultralow temperature device uses a small cold storage, and the purpose is to study and develop a new environmentally...

Authors: Yi Rong Dang, An Gui Li, Hai Guo Yin

Abstract: This paper presents an energy efficient ventilation method—dam tunnel air handling for hydropower station ventilation. The heat transfer...


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