Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Chang, Wu Biao Duan, Bo Liu, Sheng Jun Fu

Abstract: Latent heat energy storage is becoming more and more attractive for energy conservation of buildings. Phase change materials (PCMs) can be...

Authors: Sheng Jun Fu, Bo Liu, Wu Biao Duan, Jin Chang

Abstract: This paper demonstrates that β-CD which encloses industrialized paraffin, one of the phase change materials, is utilized to prevent the leak...

Authors: De Xin Zong, Zhao Xia Wang

Abstract: Building automation is the inevitable product of information age and the modern society, and it is the perfect combination of modern...

Authors: De Xin Zong, Jun Chen

Abstract: Envelop is an important component of building. Well designing on envelop makes great sense to promoting climate adaptability for the...

Authors: Da Long Liu, Jia Ping Liu, Liu Yang

Abstract: Different climate bring about different buildings, Climate has very close relation with architecture. Building climatic classification has...

Authors: Hua Li Zhang, Xiao Ling Dai, Hao Zhu

Abstract: This paper explains and demonstrates why uses’ needs are as important as green design principle and a good design should consider a lot on...

Authors: Xiao Ying Li, Cai Wu Lu, Wei Xing Jin

Abstract: Development of low-carbon economy is an important approach to adjust industrial structure. With the gradual acceptance of low-carbon...

Authors: Ming Qin Liu, Yu Ling Liu, Wen Li Wei

Abstract: This paper is concerned with a new numerical method of two-dimensional flow. The governing system of differential equations is transformed...

Authors: Xiao Ying Li, Cai Wu Lu, Wei Xing Jin

Abstract: This paper through the analysis on status and barriers of carbon trade in China and factors for price, made a study on the game of carbon...

Authors: Cong Huai Xu, Shu Chen Xu, Li Sha Li, Hai Qiang Fan

Abstract: In this article, we explore the relation between the continuation of the architectural context and the integration of the surrounding...


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