Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Lan Xu, Lei Wang, Jun Chen Kang, Ting Lin Huang, Yu Hua Dong

Abstract: Abstract: Active barrier system (ABS) capping zeolite with large surface area and strong adsorption ability is an effective way to control...

Authors: Willie Cai, Wei Li, Lin Ye, Shan Shan Hu, Ze Min Chen

Abstract: Through the experiment on a special designed packed bed, the performances of dehumidification on this packed bed are present in this paper....

Authors: Yi Zhang, Huan Yang

Abstract: Temperature field in thermoelectric arm and refrigeration output equation of a thermoelectric cooler was investigated by theoretical and...

Authors: Xian Bi Li

Abstract: There is some restrictive in reducing office building energy consumption by natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Mianyang city is...

Authors: Qing Chang Ren, Shang Yi Guo, Xiao Feng Lei, Wei Jia Yan

Abstract: With the development of urbanization, the building energy conservation has been paid more and more attention, and 50% to 60% of the power...

Authors: Xian Yang Zeng, Zuo He Chi, Ming Guang Zheng, Gong Gang Sun, Guang Xue Zhang, Jin Qing Wang

Abstract: Experiment research on the air flow rate measurement using tracer gas method in a 300mm internal diameter and 90° elbow duct are presented,...

Authors: Feng Kun Wang, Xiao Wei Fan, Fang Wang

Abstract: To study the performance of the compressor in the HFC125 heat pump system, the volumetric and isentropic efficiencies of a variable speed...

Authors: Qin Yang

Abstract: By using energy balance method and considering the balance among solar short wave radiation, atmospheric and pavement surface long wave...

Authors: Ying Wang, Bi Ming Shi, Chao Min Mu

Abstract: With the aim of evaluating capabilities of a ventilation system with jet fans to control fire smoke in an underground garage, we carried out...

Authors: Zhi Jie Gao, Zhi Wei Wang, Ji Feng Zhao

Abstract: A new adjustment law of supply water temperature of heat pump unit was presented by analyzing heat transfer performance and computing supply...


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