Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Zhang, Dong Ming Guo, Da Liu

Abstract: Geothermal energy is a stable energy, stored underground and not influenced by the geographical, seasonal weather and the change of day and...

Authors: Ying Ning Hu, Ban Jun Peng, Shan Shan Hu, Jun Lin

Abstract: A hot-water and air-conditioning (HWAC) combined ground sourse heat pump(GSHP) system with horizontal ground heat exchanger self-designed...

Authors: Hai Bei Xiong, Chao Zhang, Jiang Tao Yao, Yang Zhao

Abstract: Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become an international recognized method to estimate the environmental impacts of a building during its...

Authors: Yan Wang, Shan Hua Xu, Yu Ding Hu

Abstract: As a “special earth”, the water sensitivity of loess is an improtant factor influencing its mechanical characters and engineering...

Authors: Yu Zhou, Yi Wang

Abstract: CFD simulation is a useful tool for studying. However, in reality there are often complex, unsteady air flow patterns and large geometry...

Authors: Pei Pei Wang, Wei Ding Long

Abstract: China's rapid urbanization makes low-carbon become the pursuit of sustainable development society. In this paper, a new district cooling and...

Authors: Wei Wei Du, Cui Cui Qin, Li Hua Zhao

Abstract: Reasonable determination of indoor ventilation rates are the main content of residential ventilation designs, and can save consumption by...

Authors: Kai Yao, Zhan Yong Yao, Xiu Guang Song, Qing Sen Shang

Abstract: The Yellow River flood area mainly consisted of silt and silty clay. Water level observing holes and pore water pressure gauges were...

Authors: Chuan Hui Zhou, Na Xue

Abstract: In this paper, taking a building in Wuhan as a case, the CFD method is used to simulate the air flow field and temperature field of...

Authors: Xiang Lei Kong, Dong Hui Zhang, Ting Guo, Gen Ming Zhou, Xiao Song Zhang

Abstract: This paper study some types of the condensation prevention measures in the radiant cooling board. The test bench for its surface...


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