Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Peng Wu, Zhi You Yue

Abstract: Solar light-vent pipe system, which is a new kind of green, ecological, energy-saving construction equipment, combining natural ventilation...

Authors: Ming Qin Liu, Yu Ling Liu

Abstract: This paper is concerned with a mathematical model for numerical simulation of 2D flow accompanied with a hydraulic jump. The governing water...

Authors: Ying Yu

Abstract: For the air conditioning system of a modern building, the paper proposes a design method of composite cold and heat sources system based on...

Authors: Xiong Liu, Qiao Qiao Jiang, Ke Liu, Lin Qi, Xiao Ye Xing

Abstract: Proposed a two-stage compression refrigeration heat pump cycle, it can realize the control of refrigeration and heating capacity...

Authors: Run Ke Huo, Jie Li, Yong Zhen Yao, Cui Ping Ning

Abstract: This paper, by means of the accelerated test under acidic environment, studies the physical chemistry and mechanical properties of the...

Authors: Yun Feng Huang

Abstract: This paper aims to solve the current energy problems. After careful analysis of the building energy consumption, energy saving measures and...

Authors: Liu Zhi Chen, Xiao Ning Xu, Han Wei Liu

Abstract: How to reduce the energy consumption of the central air-conditioning is important for the building energy efficiency. The energy efficiency...

Authors: Wen Li Wei, Pei Zhang, Ming Qin Liu

Abstract: A numerical study of the flow over a two-dimensional car model in proximity to the ground is presented. The numerical method is based on a...

Authors: Yan Peng Wu, Hai Shan Xia

Abstract: The second phase of Weihai Baidu City project plans to become a three-star certificated program which is labled by China’s enviromental...

Authors: Li Hua Zhao, Cui Cui Qin

Abstract: Assessing the energy saving of natural ventilation is difficult, especially for large scale naturally ventilated buildings, due to the lack...


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