Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Abstract: Removed at authors request due to error in the methodology.

Authors: Mao Sheng Yang, Ji Huan Ning, Rui Rui Ning

Abstract: This paper makes a detailed analysis of the four dimensions of influencing factors and composition index, namely, financial return, resource...

Authors: Yu Ping Liu, Yan Long Zhao, Xue Ying Bao

Abstract: Using AHP to establish the water ecological projects, and conduct a series of index system matrix to determine the weights of each index,...

Authors: Jia Qing Xiong, Li Li Fang, Pei Guo, Xiao Chang C. Wang

Abstract: Sustainability challenges us to reflect on sanitation system reform is more accounted of water efficiency. Designed a suit of building...

Authors: Zhan Yong Yao, Kai Yao, Pei Zhi Zhuang, Kai Zhang

Abstract: The construction process of subgrade construction was divided into several operating units:oil material loading and unloading, vehicle...

Authors: Ping Lu, Xu Dong Liu, Xue Qiang Ma, Wei Bo Huang

Abstract: Constrained layer damping treatments such as sandwich beams are considered as the most efficient way of introducing vibration damping into a...

Authors: Zhi Hui Li, Jun Ping Shi, An Min Tang

Abstract: The experimental procedures of mixed mode fracture of several ductile materials are investigated. The position and direction of crack...

Authors: Hong Mei Guo, Han Zhu

Abstract: In recent years, there has been mounting interest in the use of recyled tire rubbers in engineering construction. Crumb rubber concrete...

Authors: Han Dong Yan

Abstract: A quantificational relationship between carbonization depth and fly ash content as well as carbonation age to the mortars corresponding to...

Authors: Lin Yang, Yun Yan, Zhi Hua Hu

Abstract: Non-fired load-bearing wall brick was prepared utilizing non-treated original waste PG as raw material in the laboratory. When the amount of...


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