Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Je He, Zeng Feng Yan, Hui Jun Liu

Abstract: The building energy saving, a leading trend of building development, is associated with the sustainable development strategy. First of all,...

Authors: Guo Chang Li, Chun Yu Zhang, Cheng Fu Gao

Abstract: In order to establish and analyze the categories and application status of energy-saving products of building envelope in northern China,...

Authors: Na Li, Dong Li Yuan

Abstract: In temperature and humidity independent control system, although the heat storage capability of the concrete ceiling is not big, for...

Authors: Ying Qing Guo, Chun Sheng Lei, Er Deng Du

Abstract: By using parallel process of photocatalysis-biological contact oxidation, a research on the pretreatment effect of micro-polluted raw water...

Authors: Jin Fen Niu, Bing Hua Yao, Jia Wei

Abstract: High photocatalytic activity TiO2 photocatalysts were prepared using titanium(IV) sulphate as the precursor by liquid-phase precipitation...

Authors: Jie Rui Li, Shao Hua Lin, Zong Liang Gu

Abstract: A new type of a non-light concentrating solar photoreactor with immobilized catalyst was developed, where a flat and transparent structured...

Authors: Li Ping Qiu, Guang Wei Wang, Shou Bin Zhang, Tao Yu

Abstract: The phosphate removal and recovery from lower concentrated phosphate wastewater with the quartz sand, ceramsite, blast furnace slag and...

Authors: Xiao Nan Yang, Fu Yi Cui, Xiao Ying Mu, Zhi Wei Zhao

Abstract: Nano-sized titanium dioxide in aquatic environment poses potential impact on environment and human health. In this research, the impact of...

Authors: Xiu Qi Liu, He Qin Xing

Abstract: In our study, a new kind of material for Copper (Cu2+) absorbency was prepared by melt blending with EPDM as the matrix and modified zeolite...

Authors: Wei Li, Qian Yi Chen, Yan Ling Na

Abstract: A new kind of prism light guide is introduced in this paper. The guide is seamless and made by extruding technique, which makes it has lower...


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