Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Ming Hu, Li Fang Wang, Hong Liang Liu, Jia Yang Zhu

Abstract: Taiyuan is a city with more moutains, less loess resource and abundant coal gangue. This paper studied the feasibility of turning coal...

Authors: Zhen Jun Wang, Qiong Wang, Guang Ying Yang

Abstract: Combing with the concept of soft matter and demulsification mechanism of cationic asphalt emulsion, the authors analyzed mechanism of...

Authors: Lin Ma, Jia Bin Wang, Gui Yan Xin, Qi Yao She

Abstract: Insulating materials were prepared by microsilica, silica aerogels and quartz fibers as raw materials, water glass as binder, and molded by...

Authors: Jian Hong Deng, Wen Biao Li, Da Hua Jiang

Abstract: Lauric acid/stearic acid as the binary phase change materials, modified sepiolite as the inorganic carrier, organic/inorganic composite...

Authors: Qing Yu Cao, Wei Sun, Li Ping Guo

Abstract: In this paper, concrete incorporated organic fibers, i.e., polyvinyl alcohol fiber (PVA fiber), polypropylene fiber (PP fiber), cellulose...

Authors: Fang Cai Zhang

Abstract: with the raise and continuous development of the concept that the buildings should be Energy-saving, environmentally friendly and greening,...

Authors: Jie Yu Luo, Xiao Jie Sun, Dun Qiu Wang, Yi Nian Zhu

Abstract: The effect of temperature on two stage aged-refuse-based reactor which treats leachate in natural ventilation was investigated in autumn and...

Authors: Yu Lan Tang, Wei Bin Wu, Ya Ting He, Jin Xiang Fu, Xiao Lan Wang

Abstract: Abstract.One superior iron and manganese bacteria were separated from the stable operation of porcelain granular BAF filters of removing...

Authors: Jing Xu, Xin Zhang, Yao Guang Ma

Abstract: Difficult for low turbidity water treatment, the treated not reached the drinking water quality standards, the beaker coagulation has been...

Authors: Shuo Liu, Bao Zhen Wang, Xu Yang

Abstract: To improve treatment performance and alleviate membrane fouling, the physical and biological properties of sludge in combined MBR which...


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