Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Qiang Ren, Lei Gao, Li Li, Ming Lin Guo

Abstract: The stability of interface between bond cement and tubular steel is very important to the integrality of oil and gas wells. However,...

Authors: Lin Hua Zhang, Li Na Chang

Abstract: The temperature and humidity profiles in spatial and temporal field inside the greenhouse are coupled to outside climates. Took a typical...

Authors: Li Zhang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: With the development of resource economizing social, green building is being paid more attention at present, and also offers wider...

Authors: Zhi Sheng Li, Jia Wen Liao, Xu Hong Liu

Abstract: In order to improve human thermal comfort of residential buildings in urban village, the study of indoor thermal environment is necessary....

Authors: Ting Lin Huang, Jin Lan Xu, Jun Chen Kang, Dong Dong Sun

Abstract: Abstract: This study investigated to eliminate the nitrogen load of sediment from Yangzhou ancient canal capping with an active barrier...

Authors: Yi Hua Mao, Guo Hua Yang

Abstract: With the rise of low-carbon economy, more and more investors understand and accept the concept of sustainable development, some investors...

Authors: Li Ying, Ting Ting Guo, Pan Yan

Abstract: Since the water resourse insome towns of Beijing were in a big shortage in the past few years, it becomes a key factor which restricts the...

Authors: Yun Xia Qu, Yuan Feng, Huan Liu

Abstract: According to different sources of using sewage, it can be divided into untreated sewage and reclaimed water. The wastewater treatment...

Authors: Yan Bai, Qing Chang Ren, Hong Mei Jiang

Abstract: A kind of new combined modeling method with GM(1,1) and RBNN (Radial Basis Neural Network) is brought forward, according to the idea that...

Authors: Da Hui Qin, Jin Yu An

Abstract: At present, the rural distribution includes Dispersed Type (DT) and Residential type (RT). In this paper, the structure system of investment...


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