Sustainable Development of Urban Environment and Building Material

Volumes 374-377

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ying, Jing Zhou

Abstract: In recent years, rural straw have been generated on the increase, accompanied by growing pollution, so utilization technology of rural straw...

Authors: Jing Yu, Rong Yue Zheng, Joseph Huang, Ying Chen

Abstract: According to the actual situation in Ningbo, combined with both relevant information from both China's current building energy efficiency...

Authors: Shi Mei Sun, Jing Min Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, the experiments are made to research energy conservation effect of heat pipe air-conditioning system and the findings show...

Authors: Xing Han, Jian Bo Chen

Abstract: This paper first analyze the common air source heat pump defrosting control methods and their problems. Then, the impact of variable...

Authors: Wan Ying Wang, Wen Zhou Yan

Abstract: Energy saving has become a social focus nowadays. According to the statistics, the energy consumption on construction contributes to almost...

Authors: Li Min Tai

Abstract: Through the graft copolymerization of LLDPE and the AA-MMA prepolymer by reactive extrusion on the single-screw extruder, the LLPE-g-AA-MMA...

Authors: Yuan Shen, Qing Hua Chang, Jia Liang Wang

Abstract: The infinite rapport structure is continuous repetition of a unit to fill its own space based on certain rhythm arranged. It has long been...

Authors: Shen Ju Zhang, Jian Li, Xin Gang Wang

Abstract: The green building is one important way to develop the energy conservation work. The green construction technology surmounts in the...

Authors: Cong Shen, Jian Xiang Guo, Lin Li, Jin Fei Sun

Abstract: The fluidized-bed heat exchanger is widely used in various industrial sectors with the high performance of its heat transfer, ability to...

Authors: Tao Cheng

Abstract: The nonlinear constitutive relations of clay are investigated with different initial stress conditions. Two series of triaxial compression...


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