Glass – The Challenge for the 21st Century

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Authors: Jitka Ozdanova, Helena Ticha, Ladislav Tichy

Abstract: Homogeneous yellowish and well transparent glasses (Li2O)x(TiO2)x(TeO2)1-2x and (BaO)x(TiO2)x(TeO2)1-2x , (x = 0.075, 0.1, 0.125) were...

Authors: Anna Prnová, Radovan Karell, Dušan Galusek

Abstract: The work reports on the preparation and properties of binary alumina-rare-earth oxide glass microspheres with high contents of aluminium...

Authors: Janina Setina, V. Akishins, L. Petersone

Abstract: The new generation of high silica materials with high thermal resistance was created by leaching of chopped glass fibre. These materials...

Authors: Peter A. van Nijnatten

Abstract: Spectral behaviour of the real and imaginary parts of the optical constants of glass has been widely investigated to obtain band structural...

Authors: Hirofumi Akamatsu, Shunsuke Murai, Koji Fujita, Katsuhisa Tanaka

Abstract: Amorphous oxide thin films of Fe2O3-R2O3 (R = La, Gd and Tb) systems have been deposited on silica glass substrates by using a radio...

Authors: Valerii I. Arbuzov, Yurii K. Fyodorov

Abstract: Spectral, radiation optical, and radiation shielding properties of new phosphate glasses, TPF, with high lead content (up to 40 mol. % PbO)...

Authors: Olga Dymshits, Alexander Shashkin, Alexander A. Zhilin, Yury Volk, Alexander Malyarevich, Konstantin Yumashev

Abstract: Compositions and heat treatment conditions were determined at which absorption and luminescence properties of aluminosilicate transparent...

Authors: Markus Eberstein, Guido Mann, Jens Vogel, M. Zoheidi, Jörg Krüger

Abstract: High-power optical multimode fibers are essential components for materials processing and surgery and can limit the reliability of...

Authors: Doris Ehrt, H.T. Vu, A. Herrmann, Günter Völksch

Abstract: Glasses in the composition range in mol% 35-50 ZnO – 10-15 Al2O3 – 40-55 SiO2 were prepared, undoped and doped with 1 x 1019 and 1 x 1020...

Authors: Evelyne Fargin, Marc Dussauze, Artem Malakho, Aurelien Delestre, Vincent Rodriguez, Frederic Adamietz

Abstract: Monovalent silver ions have been introduced in a sodium niobium borophosphate glass by poling the glass under heating and high voltage. A...


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