Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies II

Volumes 62-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.K. Adeyeri, M.B. Adeyemi

Abstract: The paper work is aimed at using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to develop window based design software that combines flexibility with adequate...

Authors: L.B. Zhengwuvi, A.O. Akii Ibhadode

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the possibility of developing skill in producing sound metal casting from a four-cavity die production mould by...

Authors: A.C. Igboanugo, Godwin C. Ovuworie

Abstract: Sorting of palm nuts from palm fruit cake, a byproduct obtained after palm oil has been extracted from the batch of digested palm fruit, is...

Authors: A.C. Igboanugo, T.O.K. Audu

Abstract: The results of a study into the design for manufacture of a chemical batch reactor for the synthesis of alkyd resin destined for...

Authors: E. Akpabio, I.O. Oboh, E.O. Aluyor

Abstract: Shell and tube heat exchangers in their various construction modifications are probably the most widespread and commonly used basic heat...

Authors: Ishaya Musa Dagwa, A.O. Akii Ibhadode

Abstract: This paper focuses on the design of a sub-press mould mounted on a 100-Tonne hydraulic press during compression moulding of composite...

Authors: F.A. Oyawale, M.A. Ogunmolati

Abstract: Hand tools sold in Nigeria have become increasingly unreliable due to critical failures during use. The objective of this study is to test...

Authors: C.O. Ilechie, G.F. Aibangbee, S.R. Ogblechi, P.E. Amiolemhen

Abstract: A low cost heat-conserving stove that uses palm waste briquette (substitute for fuel wood) has been developed. It has a furnace size of...

Authors: C.O. Ilechie, G.F. Aibangbee, S.R. Ogblechi, P.E. Amiolemhen

Abstract: An alternative source of heat energy to firewood called, palm waste briquette, has been developed from oil palm fruit process wastes. These...

Authors: O.O. Ojo, B.U. Anyata

Abstract: Fuzzy-based Solid Waste Management involves the application of fuzzy set theory to formulate a solid waste management algorithm by taking...


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