Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies II

Volumes 62-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Boyi Jimoh, Yusuf Jibril, Muhammed Bashir Mu’azu

Abstract: The paper looks into the possibilities of using available renewable resources in rural areas for electric power generation for remote...

Authors: Gikuru Mwithiga, Samuel Gathuki Mwangi

Abstract: A small Box type solar dryer with controllable air inlet was designed and tested. The dryer had a mild steel absorber plate and a polyvinyl...

Authors: G.O. Umosekhaimhe

Abstract: In consideration to the numerous impacts of coal burning especially in domestic indoor fires, a coal-based composite solid fuel has been...

Authors: E.U. Ubeku, S.O. Igbinovia

Abstract: In this paper a motorized solar energy collector system-a driver system that positioned the solar cell panel differently during day-time was...

Authors: A.S. Kadalla, I.L. Samaila, N.Z. Oriolowo

Abstract: The main hindrance to the widespread of solar systems is the cost of the solar collectors. Researchers all over the world have been...

Authors: A.O. Adelaja, B.Y. Ogunmola, P.O. Akolade

Abstract: This solar conversion system incorporates a suction fan powered by a solar PV module. Located at the outlet of the chamber is the d.c...

Authors: M.T. Oladiran, J. Foster

Abstract: A team of academics produced a Design Brief (DB) to assist architects design a scholarly physical environment for modern engineering...

Authors: C. Mbohwa

Abstract: Recent trends in globalization of business operations and education has increased the need for global teams. These teams face a variety of...

Authors: O.A. Alli, L. Ogunwolu, O. Oke

Abstract: This research involves measuring maintenance productivity and seeks to measure how maintenance of equipment affects the overall productivity...

Authors: C.O. Anyaeche, Ayodeji E. Oluleye

Abstract: Productivity evaluation if based on historical record, and not the system’s potential, does not fully account for the maximum exploitation...


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