Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies II

Volumes 62-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J.O. Aribisala, T. Omotoso

Abstract: Energy supply and utilization is one of the economic indices of regional development and standard of living. Energy availability in the...

Authors: G.O. Umosekhaimhe

Abstract: The levels of emissions of gaseous pollutants from indoor fires within the conventional apartment types in Benin City have been studied. In...

Authors: I.O. Ogunleye

Abstract: The thermo-physical properties of some varieties of sawdust and some additives are presented. They are thermal conductivity, heat capacity...

Authors: F.A. Aisien, A.A. Ojarikre, E.T. Aisien

Abstract: Batch treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME) was investigated using physical, chemical and biological methods. Physiochemical parameters...

Authors: D.I. Igbinomwanhia, J. Olanikpekun

Abstract: Among the multitude of problems existing in the fast urbanizing towns and cities in Nigeria, Solid waste appears to be the most prominent in...

Authors: J.O. Osarenmwinda, S. Imoebe

Abstract: The production of an improved sawdust briquette, as an alternate source of fuel has been achieved. In addition to sawdust other constituents...

Authors: F.A. Aisien, G.A. Oyakhilomen, E.T. Aisien

Abstract: The feasibility of treating brewery effluent using bio-catalysts (enzymes) was investigated. Carbohydrase, lipase, protease and a mixture...

Authors: O.P. Folorunso, T. Omotoso

Abstract: The water cycle is an obvious mode of transmission of enteric diseases. Bacteriologically polluted water is potentially dangerous to health...

Authors: C.S. Okoli, S.I.A. Ojo, A.M. Oguntuase

Abstract: The movement of sediment such as sand, silt or gravel by flowing water is of interest to a wide range of engineering disciplines. This...

Authors: O.C. Izinyon, B.U. Anyata

Abstract: A WaterCAD hydraulic network model of the existing Ikpoba Hill Benin City water distribution system was constructed and calibrated for...


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