Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies II

Volumes 62-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R.H. Weston

Abstract: With increased product dynamics world-wide, the average economic lifetime of production systems is falling. Industrial robots are widely...

Authors: J.O. Ajaefobi, R.H. Weston

Abstract: To cope with high levels of complexity, competition and change requirements, manufacturing enterprises (MEs) need to continuously improve...

Authors: B. Kareem

Abstract: In this study, investigations were carried out on the corrosion behaviour of low carbon steel (mild steel) in the selected media which are...

Authors: M.K. Oduola

Abstract: . Immobilization of an amine-containing peroxide macroinitiator APM onto solid mineral surfaces has been achieved via physical/chemical...

Authors: P.O. Aiyedun, S.A. Aliu

Abstract: Different methods of obtaining averages have been used to determine mean rolling temperatures from measured temperatures of various...

Authors: F.E. Okieimen, I.O. Bakare, C. Pavithran

Abstract: Rubber seed oil monoglyceride was prepared by glycerolysis and characterized by chemical and spectroscopic methods. The monoglyceride was...

Authors: F.E. Okieimen, T.O. Egbuchunam, D.B. Balköse

Abstract: Divalent metal (barium, cadmium, calcium and zinc) soaps of rubber seed oil and their binary mixtures (Ba/Cd and Ca/Zn) and epoxidized...

Authors: Muhammed Olawale Hakeem Amuda, A.M. Oladoye, K. Ojemeni, J. Agunsoye, W. Subair

Abstract: This paper investigates the microstructural induced hardness variation in multirun welded plain carbon steel at different interpass time....

Authors: O.O. Ojo

Abstract: Powdered activated carbons were produced from palm kernel shells, corn cobs and cow bones by carbonization, pulverization and activation....

Authors: B.M. Olaleye, O.O. Onyemaobi, J.M. Akande

Abstract: In this work, the permeability characteristics of Nigerian coal seams were determined and these properties were used to investigation the...


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