Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies II

Volumes 62-64

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.V. Ikujenlola, S.V. Omosuli

Abstract: Fresh cassava roots were processed to chips by peeling, washing,chipping, dehydration, and packaging. The dehydrated chips were thereafter...

Authors: F.A. Maude, I.N. Itodo, S. Sule

Abstract: The cutting resistance of sugar cane was determined by use of a new-type manually operated agricultural test machine using two sugar cane...

Authors: S.O. Afolayan, K. Ogedengbe, I.B. Adeoye, O.O. Olufunmi, T. Ajetunmobi

Abstract: Water crisis is assuming a more explosive and dangerous phenomenon due to stiff competition and demand between domestic use and agricultural...

Authors: John U. Okoli, A. Aadum

Abstract: A modified hopper design of the conventional cassava grater and its concomitant productivity improvement is presented. One of the sides of...

Authors: I.O. Ogunleye, O. Awogbemi

Abstract: This research work presents two methods of preserving and improving the quality of locust beans namely: salting and drying. 80g of...

Authors: M.O. Isikwue, S.B. Onoja, B.C. Isikwue

Abstract: This work studied variations in certain climatic parameters, specifically precipitation, soil moisture and outgoing Long wave radiation...

Authors: V.I. Umogbai, A. Shehu

Abstract: Threshing is one of the major problems associated with cowpea production in Nigeria. In spite of the food and nutritional importance of the...

Authors: C.S. Okoli

Abstract: This paper reports of study that was conducted to evaluate runoff rates and sediment yield as affected by different plant densities of...

Authors: E.T. Aisien, E.R. Elaho, F.A. Aisien

Abstract: The effect of linear alkyl benzene sulfonate (LAS) detergent on the activity of cassava fermenting enzymes was investigated for 72 hrs....

Authors: C.S. Okoli

Abstract: This study of Field Comparison of Irrigation Scheduling of Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum) was conducted to determine the response of...


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