Advances in Abrasive Technology XII

Volumes 76-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiu Sheng Yan, Yong Yang, Jia Bin Lu, Wei Qiang Gao

Abstract: Experiments were conducted to polish optical glass with the magnetorheological (MR) effect-based tiny-grinding wheel cluster, and the...

Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, Xing Bin Yu, Yong Zhang, Yong Yong Lin, Dian Rong Luan

Abstract: Concave aspheric surface with small radius is difficult to be fabricated by most of existing technologies for optical manufacture....

Authors: Feng Jiao, Bo Zhao

Abstract: Lower machining efficiency of traditional lapping with free abrasive restricts the enhancement of the precision parts’ production...

Authors: Shao Hui Yin, Yu Wang, Han Huang, Yong Jian Zhu, Yu Feng Fan, Yue Chen

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of horizontal vibration assistance on surface roughness in magnetic abrasive finishing, and the material...

Authors: Tian Biao Yu, Ya Dong Gong, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: In order to improve quality of deep hole machining, a new method of deep hole honing based on squeeze film damping technology is put...

Authors: Ju Long Yuan, Fan Yang, Zhi Wei Wang, Ke Feng Tang, Jia Jie Chen

Abstract: In order to get high precision balls used in oil exactor, Eccentric dual-rotating (EDR) V-groove lapping mode and Rotated dual-plates (RDP)...

Authors: H.F. Li, R.H. Bao, Liang Chi Zhang

Abstract: This paper establishes an analytical solution for describing the trajectories of abrasives in polishing spherical surfaces when the motions...

Authors: G.Y. Liu, Z.N. Guo, Jiang Wen Liu

Abstract: This paper presents a electrochemical-mechanical combined polishing progress of Cr12 hardening steel with a new kind of embedded tool. The...

Authors: Yan Hua Zou, Takeo Shinmura, F. Wang

Abstract: This research studies the influence of constant pressure acting on the magnetic particles brush for the precision machining of planar and...

Authors: Keishi Yamaguchi, Mutsumi Touge, Takayuki Nakano, Junji Watanabe

Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) single crystal has many advantages comparing with silicon single crystal, such as wide band-gap, hardness and various...


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