Sustainable Development of Industry and Economy

Volumes 869-870

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Maria Rosaria Guarini, Fabrizio Battisti

Abstract: The global economic crisis has caused a sharp contraction in many Italian productive sectors, with the construction industry experiencing a...

Authors: Pierluigi Morano, Benedetto Manganelli

Abstract: The estimated market value of a building site can be determined from several practical reasons. Amongst the various cases, it may be...

Authors: Ting Ting Yin, Wei Guan

Abstract: This article discusses the purpose and importance of the assessment on the serving state of the critical equipment of Urban Transit Station...

Authors: Guo Dong Yan, Jin Feng Chu

Abstract: The 12th Five-year Plan for the Development of Tourism Industry in Shanghai emphasized that Shanghai should be built into a world-class...

Authors: Qing Min Yuan, Cong Cong Qin, Dong Feng

Abstract: Apply Niche Theory to give a comprehensive analysis of the marine industry niche present status. Explain marine economic development...

Authors: Ling Ma, Wei Lun Wu, Dong Xue Zhang

Abstract: From the view of sustainable development, the evaluation model of the real estate industry development was constructed based on literature...

Authors: Francesco Calabrò, Lucia Della Spina

Abstract: Available resources to public policies are always limited: those intended for culture, too often considered non-essential to the development...

Authors: Ying Yi Cao, Hai Ying Ma

Abstract: This paper analyzes the evolution and characteristics of economic spatial structure and three-industry spatial pattern in Gansu province,...

Authors: Yong Hua Fan

Abstract: Color design is an important content of urban road landscape design. In this paper, we introduce the color categories and color design...


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