Functionalized and Sensing Materials

Volumes 93-94

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N. Srisittipokakun, C. Kedkaew, Jakrapong Kaewkhao, Pichet Limsuwan

Abstract: The UV-visible spectra of soda-lime-silicate glass system with the base composition (65-x) SiO2: 10CaO: 25Na2O: xMnO2 % mol, (where x is...

Authors: Bongkot Hararak, Natcha Prakymoramas, Wuttipong Rungseesantivanon, Dumrong Thamumjitr

Abstract: In this study Polyurethane (PU)/glass fiber (GF) foam composites have been produced. The PU matrix consisted of Polyol and Diphenylmethane...

Authors: Pornchai Rachtanapun, P. Wongchiaya, D. Boonyawan

Abstract: Effect of plasma treatments (power, pressure and treatment time) on hydrophobicity (contact angle and water absorption time) and sorption...

Authors: Seksak Asavavisithchai

Abstract: The compressive properties of aluminium foams have been shown to be affected by the oxide content in aluminium powders. An increase in the...

Authors: Tanawat Tayommai, Duangdao Aht-Ong

Abstract: Polylactic acid (PLA), one of the most promising bio-based materials currently available on the market, has gained much attention recently...

Authors: Kiattisak Noipa, Supakorn Pukird

Abstract: The SnO2 nanostructures have been synthesized by carbon-assisted growth at 800 oC for 3 hours. Using high pure tin powder as the source...

Authors: B. Hongthong, Satreerat K. Hodak, Sukkaneste Tungasmita

Abstract: Strontium substituted hydroxyapatite(SrHAp) were fabricated both in the form of powder as reference and thin film by using inorganic...

Authors: Korakot Onlaor, S. Khantham, B. Tunhoo, T. Thiwawong, J. Nukeaw

Abstract: In this paper, the conduction mechanism in organic bistable memory device was investigated by both experimental and theoretical method. The...

Authors: Sorapong Janhom

Abstract: Adsorption of soybean oil Silica particles modified by cationic polymer (Polyethyleneimine, PEI) was studied. Zeta potential result shows an...

Authors: Boonyong Punantapong

Abstract: This study is to characterize and estimate preferential flow and solute transport in soft tissue. In soft tissues, large molecules such as...


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