Modern Achievements and Developments in Manufacturing and Industry

Volumes 984-985

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Subha Shree, M. Vijaya Ganesa Velan, M. Padmakumar

Abstract: Providing sufficient provisions to transfer heat from the work-tool interface is a key to improve tool life and surface integrity. With the...

Authors: G. Sankara Narayanan, Durairaj Vasudevan

Abstract: Unconventional machining process finds heavy application in aerospace, automobile and in production industries where accuracy is most...

Authors: S. Srikiran, K. Ramji, B. Satyanarayana

Abstract: The generation of heat during machining at the cutting zone adversely affects the surface finish and tool life. The heat at the cutting...

Authors: Muniyandi Prakash, P. Ravisankar, Mani Kanthababu

Abstract: In this study, the effect of tool wear is correlated with acoustic emission (AE) signal during microendmilling of aluminium alloy (AA 1100)....

Authors: A. Gopikrishnan, A.K. Nizamudheen, M. Kanthababu

Abstract: In this work, an online acoustic emission (AE) monitoring system is developed, to investigate the effect of tool wear during the...

Authors: N.E. Arun Kumar, A. Suresh Babu, V. Muthu Kumar

Abstract: This paper investigates the relationship of process parameters in wire electrical discharge machining of titanium alloy with brass wire as...

Authors: J. Nithyanandam, Sushil Laldas, K. Palanikumar

Abstract: Titanium is one of the important kinds of material used in different engineering fields. They have very good properties like high strength...

Authors: Sibakanta Sahu, Swarup Kumar Nayak, Saipad Sahu, Pallavi Chaudhury

Abstract: The non-convectional machining processes are those using thermal source of energy for the material removal. Among them Electrical discharge...

Authors: C. Nandakumar, B. Mohan, S. Srisathirapathy

Abstract: Accompanying the development of mechanical industry, the demand for alloy materials having high hardness, toughness and impact strength are...


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