Energy Research and Power Engineering 2014

Volumes 986-987

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Qing Yue, Chun Hui Zhu, Nai Xing Feng

Abstract: Efficient Z-transform implementa-tion of the complex frequency-shifted perfectly matched layer (CFS-PML) based on the stretched coordinate...

Authors: Shao Hua Zhou, Qi Xiong, Jiang Ping Zeng

Abstract: A double-mesa hetero-junction bipolar structure of NPN type microwave power device is used. The Si is chosen for emitter and collector, and...

Authors: Qin Yuan, Hong Hong Yi, Xiao Long Tang, Kai Li, Fen Rong Li, Yun Dong Li

Abstract: In this paper, activated carbon fibers were modified by different chemical reagents. The modified adsorbents were used to investigate...

Authors: Ming Leng, Zhao Ci Li, Jian Yuan Feng, Guang Rang Li, Zhao Chen Liu

Abstract: The pipe heat transfer models were constructed, respectively, to simulate the cryogenic insulated structure, nonlinear partial differential...

Authors: Shuai Kang

Abstract: As the unique properties of semiconductor material, it is made of many semiconductor Hall devices. Semiconductor Hall device has the...

Authors: Jiao Liu, Wen Rui Xia, Yan Ping Hu, Yuan Yao, Shao Ping Fu, Rui Jun Duan, Rui Mei Li, Jian Chun Guo

Abstract: In order to gain insight into the specific function of the cassava cell wall invertase 6 (MeCWINV6), the promoter sequence of...

Authors: Li Zhang, Qin Jie Cai, Shu Rong Wang

Abstract: Since the composition of crude bio-oil was complex, model compounds were usually used in the study of cracking to simulate the actual...

Authors: Zhen Feng Wang, Xiao Xue Zhang, Cui Hua Li, Jian Hong Liu, Qian Ling Zhang

Abstract: A new composite electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries (LIBS) was prepared by combining N-methyl-N-propylpyrrolidinium bis...

Authors: Lin Zhu, Yong Jian Chen, Feng Xu, Hai Ning Cui, Hai Shui Wang

Abstract: Systematic research on monomolecular layer of symmetrically substituted copper (II) phthalocyanine (CuPc) derivatives bas been done. An...


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