Materials Science, Computer and Information Technology

Volumes 989-994

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tao Du, Xin Fang, Xin Pu Zhang

Abstract: Vanadium slag is a kind of common furnace slags in the metallurgical field that contains rich vanadium oxides and iron oxides. The high...

Authors: Tao Du, Sheng Lu Li, Fan Yang

Abstract: Laterite nickel ore is a kind of abundant and low-cost ore. In order to obtain the cheap and high-performance adsorption material, this...

Authors: Xi Liang Chen, Yan Pei Ji

Abstract: Bi2S3 flowerlike patterns were synthesized via a facile hydrothermal approach without using any surfactant and acid....

Authors: Dang Sheng Li, Xi Liang Chen

Abstract: This paper presents a comparative study of the performance of ferrate (VI) towards wastewater treatment. The effects of solution pH,...

Authors: Lei Dai, Xiao Xuan Deng

Abstract: Under the same cement content, the stabilized soils, made of the soils with similar physical properties, may be significant difference in...

Authors: Jing Bo Yin, Jing Lu, Li Zhao, San Si Wang

Abstract: This article describes the research and development with the international advanced level of the screw separator, mainly used for the...

Authors: Yu Chuan Bai, Yin Qun Hua, Zhen Rong, Qing Xue, Rui Fang Chen

Abstract: The aim of this research is to improve the hot corrosion resistance of In718 superalloy by laser shock processing. Specimens were treated by...

Authors: Yong Sheng E

Abstract: Fluorene is a basic chemical raw material, which has wide applications.This paper introduces the current fluorene technology of extration...

Authors: Yin Yin Hu, Wen Xiang Ye, Jian Lei, Quan Xin Zhu, Wan Qing Xiong, Xue Hong Liao

Abstract: In2O3 nanopowder was successfully synthesized using microwave-hydrothermal method; by a very simple fast reaction...


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