Advances in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology II

Volumes 998-999

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alfred A. Christy

Abstract: Silica gel, a material that is produced from the condensation polymerisation of silicic acid, contains surface silanol groups formed during...

Authors: Xian Bo Li, Yuan Ming Zhang

Abstract: To evaluate the conductive and antistatic performances of the nylon base silver –plated fiber, the nylon base silver fiber /acrylic blended...

Authors: Сhao Hong Dong, Zhou Lu, Ping Zhu, Lei Wang

Abstract: A novel building block in organic synthesis, poly (4-iodobutoxylmethylsiloxane)(PIBMS) with high reaction activity was prepared by poly...

Authors: Guang Shan Xuan, Qin Yong Sun, Xiao Zheng

Abstract: A new molecularly imprinted polymers (Rhodamine B-KH-570/SiO2,MIPS) with high performance for recognizing Rhodamine B...

Authors: Ling Ju Meng, Zhao Kun Xuan, Jin Yu Liu

Abstract: The coal industry belongs to the energy industry of the mainstream, the use of coal in a wide range, the main applications of combustion....

Authors: Hai Yun Ma, Jia Wei Liu, Wen Chuan Han, Li Ci Zhao

Abstract: ABS/MWNTs nanocomposites were prepared by using melt blending method. Cone calorimeter and ARES were employed to measure flammability and...

Authors: Guang Ming Kong, Xu Dong Li, Zhi Tao Mu

Abstract: Using the virtual crack closure technique (VCCT), an interface element that can calculate stress intensity factors (SIFs) directly and...

Authors: Xiao Juan Wei, Jian Ming Pan

Abstract: A novel method for the determination of rhodium in waste rhodium-loaded carbon catalyst samples was established by inductively coupled...

Authors: Zhi Yong Wu, Xue Yuan Li, Li Ning Zhao, Su Rong Hu

Abstract: Galvanic corrosion behavior of TC4 titanium alloy coupled LY12 aluminum alloy was investigated in 3.5% NaCl solution. Particular attention...


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