Diffusion in Solids and Liquids VI

Volumes 312-315

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.312-315

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Authors: Evgeny N. Selivanov, S.V. Lazareva, L.U. Udoeva, R.I. Gulyaeva

Abstract: The article is devoted to an estimation of phase transformations of silicates magnesium at heating in the temperatures range from 0°C to...

Authors: M.F.M. Speetjens, A.A. Van Steenhoven

Abstract: Heat and mass transfer in fluid flows traditionally is examined in terms of temperature and concentration fields and heat/mass-transfer...

Authors: Evgeny N. Selivanov, O.V. Nechvoglod, S.V. Mamyachenkov

Abstract: It has been found that the dispersion of phases in copper-nickel sulfide-metal alloys influences their electrochemical properties. X-ray...

Authors: Adrian Ciprian Stuparu, Sorin Holotescu

Abstract: We analyzed the hydrodynamics of the flow into an axis-symmetrical combustion chamber with a central bluff body. Using an axis-symmetrical...

Authors: Soma Prasad, Aloke Paul

Abstract: The diffusion study in the V-Si system is reviewed. We show that the indirect method used previously to determine the diffusion parameters...

Authors: Humberto Dória Silva, Luiz Cláudio Pereira Dória, Cristiana Pereira Dória, Cristiane Pereira Dória, Maria do Carmo Tatiana Dória Silva, Humberto Dória Silva Júnior, Maria Tamires Dória Silva

Abstract: This work demonstrates the need for updated review of the mechanism of mass transport in the human cornea, to understand the deterioration...

Authors: Fadhela Otmane, S. Bergheul, M. Zergoug, M. Azzaz

Abstract: In this work we report on the structural, mechanical and magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed Fe40Co60 powders. Alloying formation,...

Authors: Ralph W.L. Ip, Elvis Iok Cheong Wan

Abstract: Fabrics are needed further treatment after dyeing to restore their original mechanical properties by suitable drying/shrinkage process...

Authors: Alexander Tarasenko, Lubomir Jastrabik

Abstract: We have considered the diffusion of particles in a dynamically disordered medium in the framework of a simple lattice-gas model of a...

Authors: Zenon Ignaszak, Paweł Popielarski

Abstract: Simulation systems used for many years in foundry industry such as MAGMASOFT, NovaFlow&Solid and ProCAST, contain thermo-mechanical modules...


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