Diffusion in Materials

Volume 363

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.363

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Authors: Yuri Mishin

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of recent computer simulations of grain boundary (GB)diffusion focusing on atomistic understanding of...

Authors: Alain Portavoce, Khalid Houmada, Franck Dahlem, Christophe Girardeaux, Boubekeur Lalmi

Abstract: Silicide growth via reaction between a metallic film and a Si substrate has been well documented. In general, atomic transport kinetic...

Authors: Vladimir V. Popov, A.V. Sergeev, A.Yu. Istomina

Abstract: Grain boundary diffusion of Co in Mo has been studied by radiotracer analysis and emission Mössbauer spectroscopy. The experimental results...

Authors: J. Dąbrowa, Witold Kucza, Katarzyna Tkacz-Śmiech, Bogusław Bożek, Marek Danielewski

Abstract: The Nernst-Planck flux formula is used in Darken's method to obtain the interdiffusion fluxes. The effective interdiffusion potentials,...

Authors: Alexey O. Rodin, D. Prokoshkina, A. Itckovitch, N. Dolgopolov

Abstract: It is generally agreed that during diffusion process between two phases e.g. matrix/diffusant layer the thermodynamic equilibrium state is...

Authors: Bartek Wierzba, Wojciech Skibiński

Abstract: In this paper three methods for calculating Kirkendall plane position after diffusion process are described. Bifurcation of K-plane is...

Authors: Erwin Hüger, Lars Dörrer, Jochen Stahn, Thomas Geue, Harald Schmidt

Abstract: Lithium transport through ultrathin silicon layers can be measured non-destructively by neutron reflectometry (NR) using a multilayer...

Authors: Alain Portavoce, Omar Abbes, Sylvain Bertaina, Yauheni Rudzevich, Lee Chow, Vinh Le Thanh, Christophe Girardeaux, Lisa Michez

Abstract: In this paper, we report investigations concerning the fabrication of a diluted Ge (Mn) solution using solid state Mn diffusion, and Mn/Ge...

Authors: Johanna Rahn, Benjamin Ruprecht, Paul Heitjans, Harald Schmidt

Abstract: The diffusion of lithium in amorphous lithium niobate layers is studied as a function of temperature between 293 and 423 K. About 800 nm...


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