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Authors: Hardev Singh Virk
Abstract:Luminescent phenomena have fascinated mankind since the earliest times. The light from the aurora borealis, glow worms, luminescent wood,...
Authors: Sanjay Tiwari, Jatinder V. Yakhmi
Abstract:Nanotechnology has led to a profound paradigm shift after the developments in recent years and after being recognised as one of the most...
Authors: V. Shanker, D. Haranath, G. Swati
Abstract:This article presents a broad review of long persistence (LP) materials that are a special kind of photon energy storage and conversion...
Authors: K.A. Koparkar, N.S. Bajaj, S.K. Omanwar
Abstract:In recent years, the term ‘smart materials’ which means the potential of a material having novel functional abilities, has become a buzz...
Authors: B.P. Chandra, V.K. Chandra, Piyush Jha
Abstract:The present paper reports both the experimental and mathematical aspects of elastico-mechanoluminescence (EML), plastico-mechanoluminescence...
Authors: S.A. Fartode, Vijay Singh, S.J. Dhoble
Abstract:Ce3+ and Eu2+ activated BaAlSi5O2N7 phosphors have been prepared by the modified three...
Authors: V.V. Rangari, Vijay Singh, S.J. Dhoble
Abstract:YAl3(BO3)4 doped with three rare earth (RE) ions namely Ce3 +, Dy3+ and...
Authors: Nitendra Kumar Gautam, Meera Ramrakhiani, R.K. Kuraria, S.R. Kuraria
Abstract:Currently there is a great interest in II–VI semiconductor nanoparticles, particularly organically capped soluble particles of cadmium or...
Authors: Amrita Dwivedi, Nisha Dwivedi, Nitendra Gautam, Meera Ramrakhiani, P.K. Khare
Abstract:Sulfide based luminescent materials have attracted a lot of attention for a wide range of photo-and electroluminescence applications. Among...
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