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Authors: Nikolay Lazarovski, Paskal Novakov, Anastas Yangyozov
Abstract:The thermal aerodynamic analysis of the processes in thermal turbomachinery is of great importance when it comes their design and operation...
Authors: Bohdan Mochnacki, Ewa Majchrzak
Abstract:The aim of considerations is the numerical modeling of thermal processes proceeding in the system external heat source - protective clothing...
Authors: Bei Li, Chee How Wong
Abstract:In this work, the coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulation is employed to study lubricant evolution and depletion when subjected to a...
Authors: N.R. Caetano, T.Z. Stapasolla, F.B. Peng, P.S. Schneider, F.M. Pereira, H.A. Vielmo
Abstract:Mechanisms related to diffusion flame stabilization have been the subject of several studies within the last decades due the industrial and...
Authors: Pavel Staša, Oldřich Kodym
Abstract:There is a still dangerous effect in the form of methane leakage from coal seams in areas where mining activity still continuing or took...
Authors: Antonio F. Miguel
Abstract:Knowledge of fluid rheology and flow characteristics is important when studying nanofluid flow in porous media. In this study, an...
Authors: Jozef Kačur, Jozef Minár, P. Kišon
Abstract:An efficient numerical approximation for two phase flow in 1D is presented. Mathematicalmodel is based on two Richard’s type equations using...
Authors: A.R.M. Kasim, L.Y. Jiann, N.A. Rawi, A. Ali, S. Shafie
Abstract:The investigation on mixed convection boundary layer of a viscoelastic fluid over a sphere which is embedded in porous medium under...
Authors: N.A. Rawi, A.R.M. Kasim, M. Isa, S. Shafie
Abstract:This paper studies the effect of periodical gravity modulation, or g-jitter induced magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) mixed convection flow past an...
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