Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hyeon Chang Choi

Abstract: A relationship between fatigue crack opening behavior and the reversed plastic zone size is studied. An elastic-plastic finite element...

Authors: Takashi Honda, Mamidala Ramulu, Albert S. Kobayshi

Abstract: Thirty three SENB and nine TPB specimens, which were machined from an 8.1mm thick 7075-T7351 aluminum stock plate, were fatigued in the...

Authors: Sung Woo Park, Jong Woo Rhee, Weon Keun Song, Moon Kyum Kim

Abstract: This study performs dynamic analysis of underground structures on multi-layered half planes in frequency domain by using the coupled finite...

Authors: Seok Jin Kwon, Kazuhiro Ogawa, Tetsuo Shoji

Abstract: In general, the S-N curve in railway axles was mainly carried out under 107-108 cycles, while the service area of a railway axle is 108-109...

Authors: Mei Yao, Qingxian Yan, Yu Kui Gao

Abstract: This paper is an overview of our previous works [1-15]. A “micro-meso-process theory” [1, 3, 7] for quantitative analyses of the critical...

Authors: Ishak Abdul Azid, Lee Kor Oon, Ong Kang Eu, K.N. Seetharamu, Ghulam Abdul Quadir

Abstract: An extensively published and correlated solder joint fatigue life prediction methodology is incorporated by which finite element simulation...

Authors: T.W. Kim, H.Y. Jeong, J.H. Choe, Y.H. Kim

Abstract: A new simulation methodology using the finite element method (FEM) was proposed to predict the fatigue life of tires. In the FEM simulation...

Authors: Dong Hyung Lee, Byeong Choon Goo, Chan Woo Lee, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim

Abstract: In the shrink or press-fitted shafts such as railway axles, fretting can occur by cyclic stress and micro-slippage due to local movement...

Authors: Jung Won Seo, Byeong Choon Goo, Heung Chai Chung, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim

Abstract: Railway wheels and axles belong to the most critical components in railway vehicles. The service conditions of railway vehicles became more...

Authors: Jae Myung Lee, Jeom Kee Paik, Myung Hyun Kim, Yutaka Toi

Abstract: Once assessment of material failure characteristics is captured precisely in a unified way, it can be directly incorporated to the...


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