Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Qiu Song, Ying Yang, Haiqiang Hang, Shu Hong Wang

Abstract: An integrated vehicle collision-avoiding radar and intelligent cruise control system is proposed. Collision-avoiding radar measures the...

Authors: Young Sam Ham, Jai Sung Hong, Taek Yul Oh, Young Nam Paik

Abstract: Among welded structure bogies used for high speed freight cars, failures in an end beam have been found in a number of bogies manufactured...

Authors: Il Seon Sohn, Dong Ho Bae, Won Seok Jung, Won Wook Jung

Abstract: Suspension system of light commercial vehicle (LCV) has enough endurance to protect passenger and freight. Leaf spring is major part of LCV...

Authors: Wu Jian, Jing Jiang Zhang, Luo Sidong, Shen Zhongliang, Gu Hailin

Abstract: Steel-wire-rope (SWR) is a key part of the electric-glass-lifter (EGL) in a car, which has a strong effect on the life and reliability of...

Authors: Yeon Su Kim, Jae Min Park, Sang Hoon Choi

Abstract: We designed the compound CVT (Continuously Variable Transmissions) by combining power circulation mode and power split mode, which have been...

Authors: Hang Woo Kim, Jae Ho Han, Lee Ku Kwac

Abstract: Ironwork, especially steel roll coil, is usually transported to the customers over land or by sea. For fast and safe transportation of steel...

Authors: Jung Seok Kim, Nam Po Kim

Abstract: This paper has performed the fatigue strength evaluation for the bogie frame of Korean tilting train. In order to verify the structural...

Authors: Si Youl Jang, Wan Choi

Abstract: The torque of the continuously variable transmission system with friction drive mechanism is transmitted by contacting roller with input and...

Authors: Dong Ho Bae, Gyu Young Lee, Won Seok Jung, S.C. Park, Won Wook Jung

Abstract: Durability assessment for the suspension system of the vehicle is very important. Particularly, corrosion fatigue strength of coil spring...

Authors: Guang Ze Dai, Lanying Yu, Jian Ke, Qing Qing Ni

Abstract: Through defining a piece of viscoelastic medium as a thermodynamic system described by the generalized coordinates in the stress relaxation...


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