Advances in Fracture and Strength

Volumes 297-300

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Byeong Soo Lim, Bum Joon Kim, Si Yon Bae, J.W. Kim, Dong Bok Lee

Abstract: New Ti-base alloys were designed to replace conventional expensive elements with low cost elements of iron and silicon. The prepared...

Authors: Peng Cheng Zhai, Gang Chen, Toshiyuki Hashida, Qing Jie Zhang

Abstract: The Small Punch Creep Tests (SP-C tests) are simulated by a Finite Element Method (FEM). The objective of the present study is to establish...

Authors: Keisuke Ishikawa, Yasuhiro Takaku, Yasuo Kobayashi

Abstract: Polymers are vital materials in better performance of specific strength. However their application can be restricted by the lower glass...

Authors: Guang Ze Dai, Bin Deng, Guozhi Wang, Qing Qing Ni

Abstract: The so-called structure parameters are firstly introduced to indicate their influence on nonlinear viscoelastic behavior and the...

Authors: Je Chang Ha, Joon Hyun Lee, Masaaki Tabuchi, A.Toshimitsu Yokobori Jr.

Abstract: Most heat resisting materials in structural components are used under multi-axial stress conditions and under such conditions ductile...

Authors: Xiao Fei Ding, Yi Tan, Yong Shen, Fu Gang Wang, Jenn Ming Yang

Abstract: Three types of Ti-Al-Nb ternary alloys are obtained by arc-melting and heat treatment, which are γ-TiAl single phase alloy, γ-TiAl +...

Authors: Jae Kyoung Shin, Soo Woo Nam, Soo Chan Lee

Abstract: To understand the effects of nitrogen on high temperature, creep-rupture tests have been conducted at 973 and 1073K for 18Cr-9Ni austenitic...

Authors: Byeong Soo Lim, Bum Joon Kim, Sung Jin Song, Young H. Kim

Abstract: The application of nondestructive evaluation to creep-fatigue damage was examined in this paper. Generally, as the hold time of static load...

Authors: Sang Bok Ahn, Do Sik Kim, Young Suk Kim, Dong Joon Oh, Jung Kyu Kim

Abstract: To investigate the degradation of mechanical properties induced mainly by neutron irradiation and operating temperatures, tensile tests were...

Authors: Shan Tung Tu, Fu Zhen Xuan

Abstract: Current research efforts in the development of high temperature defect assessment procedure are summarized. Creep exemption criteria are...


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