Advances in Grinding and Abrasive Technology XIII

Volumes 304-305

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Huang, Z. Huang

Abstract: The paper describes the heavy abrasive belt grinding technology and the conventional machining method to reduce thickness of connecting rod...

Authors: Ming Hu, C. Guo, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: In this paper, a snagging parallel machine with 3-DOF is presented. It has the dominate merit in layout, structure, controlling manner and...

Authors: Xiang Zhi Meng, Chun Shi Liu, X.Y. Guan, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: Good balancing is very important to improve the moving performance of grinding machine. General balancing technology of grinders was...

Authors: Tian Biao Yu, Ya Dong Gong, J. Liu, F. Xu, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: Based on the shortcoming and deficiency of deep hole machining, a grinding wheel spindle with squeeze film damper—SFD is design based on...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Yu Zhang

Abstract: According to the definitions of the CIRP Unification Document, The locus equations of the rotating center and the average rotating center...

Authors: S.J. Hu, W.J. Xiang, Zhi Xiong Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, the characters of the 5-axes NC grinding machine for the drill point MK6335 are introduced. The attributes of Ni Zhifu drill...

Authors: Jin Chun Song, J.W. Chen, Zhi Wei Zhang

Abstract: Hydraulic grinding saw is a kind of important equipment broadly used in billet precise cutting in metallurgical industry. In order to...

Authors: Gui Qiu Song, M. Jiang

Abstract: Crooked shaft grinder is the key machining equipment of engine Crooked shaft, as the principal axis system of grinder head failure...

Authors: Shao Bo Chen, Zhi Dan Zheng, Qiu Sheng Yan, Zi Qiang Zhang, Y. Li

Abstract: By applying NC system with three axes ganged function to M1432 universal cylindrical grinding machine, a NC grinding machine with two moving...

Authors: J.W. Fan, J.L. Guang, Zh.J. Yue, G.P. Dong, Shi Sheng Zhou

Abstract: Focus on the accuracy problem in machining process of SK21 NC cam grinder, the precision-machining restriction condition equation and the...


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