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Authors: G.Q. Dong, Gui Cheng Wang, Hong Jie Pei, Li Jie Ma
Abstract:As the common materials of making cutting tool, the cemented carbide has been widelyused in all kinds of mechanical machining. Based on the...
Authors: Zhong Ning Guo, Z.G. Yang, Z.G. Hang, Z.Q. Yu, T.M. Yue, Wing Bun Lee
Abstract:A novel polishing technique based on the two-dimension vibration of fluid is put forward to obtain ultra-smooth surface without damage. In...
Authors: Ju Long Yuan, Z.W. Wang, Bing Hai Lv, Yong Dai, Jia Jin Zheng, Ping Zhao, Fei Yan Lou, B.C. Tao
Abstract:A novel lapping mode is developed on the base of present eccentric v-grooves lapping mode for precise balls. The kinematics analysis shows...
Authors: Qiu Lian Dai, C.Q. Qin, Xipeng Xu
Abstract:In this paper, three kinds of granite were lapped and polished by loose abrasives. Glossiness and surface roughness of the lapped and...
Authors: Xin Wei, Hui Yuan, H.W. Du, Wei Xiong, Rui Wei Huang
Abstract:In this paper, the scratching processes by a diamond indentor under the loads linearly increased from zero were studied to assess the...
Authors: Ying Ning Hu, Cheng Yong Wang, H.N. Ding, Z.W. Wang
Abstract:The wear mechanism of several kinds of diamond circular saw blades was studied in the different sawing parameters during dry cutting of...
Authors: Shao Hui Yin, Takeo Shinmura, D. Wang
Authors: X.Y. Liu, D.W. Yu, L.J. Wang
Abstract:In non-abrasive cryogenic polishing, ice disk is used as polishing tool .The effects of ice disk characteristics by different water quality...
Authors: Li Hua Dong, C.H. Fan, Ju Long Yuan, Z.W. Wang, H. Yang
Authors: Da Gang Xie, B. Gao, Ying Xue Yao, Zhe Jun Yuan
Abstract:Bonnet tool polishing is a novel aspherical polishing method. This paper describes a method to obtain the local removal rate for the...
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