Fracture and Strength of Solids VI

Volumes 306-308

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seon Jin Kim, Seok Hwan Ahn, Yu Sik Kong, Sang Woo Kwon

Abstract: Constant K fatigue crack growth tests were performed by applying an intermediate multiple overloads for S45C steel. The purpose of this...

Authors: Byeong Choon Goo, Sung Yong Yang, Dong Hyung Lee

Abstract: We surveyed literature and proposed a procedure to identify the fatigue properties from the Brinell hardness and Young’s modulus. And we...

Authors: Do Hyun Jung, Sell Song, Pilsu Shin, Sung In Bae

Abstract: Automatic belt tensioner for stabilization of Engine accessory belt system is made increase its life, decrease noise and vibration and...

Authors: Hyun Woo Lee, Se-Jong Oh

Abstract: Crack growth behavior of S45C notched tubular specimen was studied to predict fatigue crack initiation and crack propagation under biaxial...

Authors: Sheng Wu Wang, Ai Ling Wen, Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori

Abstract: Nearly 90% of failures of machines and mechanical parts are caused at the area of stress concentrated in the structural components [1]....

Authors: Priyo Tri Iswanto, Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori, Yuji Kawakami

Abstract: In order to study the effect of plastic deformation on fatigue behaviors of plastically deformed specimen, bending fatigue tests had been...

Authors: B.R. Hu, J.Z. Liu, B. Chen, L.F. Wang, Xue Ren Wu

Abstract: Experimental and analytical studies were made on the fatigue behavior and life prediction for argon-arc welded titanium alloy joints, TA15....

Authors: Jae Hoon Kim, Duck Hoi Kim, Young Shin Lee, Young Jin Choi, Hyun Soo Kim, Won Shik Park

Abstract: Low cycle fatigue tests are performed on the Inconel 617 super alloy that be used for structural material of hot gas casing for gas turbine....

Authors: Young Jin Choi, Young Shin Lee, Jae Hoon Kim, Won Shik Park, Hyun Soo Kim

Abstract: The hot gas casing of the gas turbine has operated in high temperatures and thermal gradients. The structure safety of hot gas casing will...

Authors: Hui Ji Shi, Hai Feng Zhang, Yan Qing Wu

Abstract: Effect of recrystallization on DZ4 directionally-solidified nickel-base superalloy was investigated both at room temperature and high...


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