Fracture and Strength of Solids VI

Volumes 306-308

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Q.Y. Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, S.R. Sriraman, S.L. Liu

Abstract: Magnesium alloys, on account of their lightweight, find useful applications in the automotive sector. During service, they experience very...

Authors: Yan Qing Wu, Hui Ji Shi

Abstract: This study looks at the crack propagation characteristics based on the cohesive zone model (CZM), which is implemented as a user defined...

Authors: Masato Sato, Hideto Suzuki

Abstract: In this research, surface modification was given to CD (Carbide Dispersion)-carburized steel used for sliding parts of vehicles, and...

Authors: Ki Weon Kang, Jung Kyu Kim, Yong Su Kim, Young Min Do

Abstract: The paper presents the fatigue behavior of carbon/epoxy laminates with impact-induced damage under 2-stage block loading. The impact damage...

Authors: Keum Oh Lee, Seong Gu Hong, Soon Bok Lee

Abstract: Isothermal cyclic stress-strain deformation and thermomechanical deformation (TMD) of 429EM stainless steel were analyzed using a...

Authors: Tae Hee Lee, J.J. Jung

Abstract: To optimize a connecting rod satisfying fatigue life, metamodel-based design optimization is proposed. To approximately predict both volume...

Authors: Gabriela Maria Atanasiu, N. Curcudel

Abstract: This paper presents the computational methodology for monitoring the performance of a damaged structure, this taking account of the...

Authors: Sang Kwon Lee, Jang Sun Shim, Byung-Og Cho

Abstract: Impulsive vibration generated by localized gear damage can be used as an indicator for damage detection. Local damage induces an abrupt...

Authors: Sang Kwon Lee, Jinhoi Gu, Byung-Og Cho

Abstract: In an automotive engine, faults induce impulsive vibrations and thereby degrade engine performance, making it important for an automotive...

Authors: Jin Yi Lee, Ji Seoung Hwang, Kyung Chul Lee, Se Ho Choi

Abstract: It is important to estimate a magnetic field’ intensity distribution for the application of to industrial nondestructive evaluations. A...


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