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Authors: You Tang Li, Chang Feng Yan, Yong Ping Kang
Abstract:A semi-analytical method is proposed to determine the dynamic stress intensity factor of two-dimensional V-notch problems. A group of...
Authors: Byung Il Kim, Byeong Wook Noh, Young Woo Choi, Sung In Bae, Jung I. Song
Abstract:Impact behaviors of Aluminum Honeycombs Sandwich Panel (AHSP) by drop weight test were investigated in this study. Two types of specimens...
Authors: Yong Huh, Hyung Ick Kim, Chang Sung Seok
Abstract:In this study, we performed the static test of nuclear piping materials by the unloading compliance method and the normalization data...
Authors: Chun Yong Huo, Xiao Bin Yang, Zhuo Zhuang, Julaiti Maitirouzi, Y.R. Feng, C.J. Zhuang
Abstract:Preventing pipeline from rapid crack propagation is a critical issue to avoid casualties and disasters. In this paper, by combining the...
Authors: Kwok Lun Lee, Ai Kah Soh
Abstract:The fatigue behavior of piezoelectric ceramics PZT-5 subjected to three-point bending was investigated under a cyclic electric load coupled...
Authors: Ahmad Kamal Ariffin, S.M. Tahir
Authors: Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori, Takamitsu Shimizu, Priyo Tri Iswanto
Abstract:The object in this study is to investigate the pulsating fatigue properties of ferritic and martenstic stainless steels using replica...
Authors: Shunichi Kuba, Yoshitaka Kojima, Hideto Suzuki
Abstract:The fatigue characteristic of thermal barrier-coated Ni-base superalloy IN738LC at room temperature was studied by fatigue test using...
Authors: Takehiko Takahashi, Susumu Hioki, Ikuo Shohji, Osamu Kamiya
Abstract:The low-cycle fatigue behavior on Sn-0.7Cu lead-free solder as-cast and Sn-Pb eutectic solder as-cast were investigated at a strain rate...
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