Bioceramics 18

Volumes 309-311

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Faik N. Oktar, H. Aydin, Gültekin Göller, Simeon Agathopoulos, G. Rocha, B. Sennaroglu, E.S. Kayali

Abstract: The properties of sintered hydroxyapatite (HA), obtained from bovine femoral shafts via calcination method, were investigated utilizing...

Authors: Faik N. Oktar, M.R. Demirer, Oguzhan Gunduz, Yasin Genc, Simeon Agathopoulos, Ismail Peker, L.S. Ozyegin, S. Salman

Abstract: In this study, hydroxyapatite (HA) material, obtained from calcinated bovine bone (BHA), was mixed with 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, and 2.00 wt%...

Authors: Jun Akiyama, Masami Hashimoto, Hiroaki Takadama, Fukue Nagata, Yoshiyuki Yokogawa, Kensuke Sassa, Kazuhiko Iwai, Shigeo Asai

Abstract: A high magnetic field is a useful tool to control the crystal alignment of non-magnetic materials such as ceramics and polymers. In the...

Authors: Kazumichi Yanagisawa, Kongjun Zhu, Takahiro Fujino, Ayumu Onda, Koji Kajiyoshi, Koji Ioku

Abstract: The hydrothermal hot-pressing (HHP) technique was used to prepare hydroxyapatite (HAp) ceramics from a HAp powder with low crystallinity,...

Authors: Catherine Kealley, M. Elcombe, A. van Riessen, Besim Ben-Nissan

Abstract: This paper reports neutron diffraction data and its analysis that characterise a biocompatible hydroxyapatite composite material. The...

Authors: Qian Peng, L. Ming, C.X. Jiang, Bo Feng, Shao Xing Qu, Jie Weng

Abstract: Hollow hydroxyapatite microspheres (H-HAMs) with controlled characteristic mesoporous structure on the shell were successfully fabricated...

Authors: Christian Jaeger, Sergey Maltsev, Andrea Karrasch

Abstract: Solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) has been used for a detailed structural analysis of different amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP)...

Authors: Xiang Dong Zhu, Hong Song Fan, Chao Yong Zhao, Toshiyuki Ikoma, M. Tanaka, Ji Yong Chen, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: Studying on the interaction between proteins and calcium phosphate implants is one of the basic subjects in biomaterials science and...

Authors: Kazushi Ohta, Masanori Kikuchi, Toshiyuki Ikoma, Shunji Yunoki, Akira Monkawa, M. Tanaka

Abstract: Mesoporous HAp aggregates were composed of needle-like crystals that were aligned to the c-axes direction perpendicular to the flat surface...

Authors: Toru Tonegawa, Toshiyuki Ikoma, Akira Monkawa, Guo Ping Chen, M. Tanaka

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HAp) also shows the high absorption ability for proteins with low degradations. In this study, to modify the absorption...


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