Advances in Machining & Manufacturing Technology VIII

Volumes 315-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X.Q. Fan, H.H. Zhang, S. Liu, K. Jia, Z.Y. Gan

Abstract: This paper presents an approach to fabricate nanoscale gratings by direct imprint on silicon substrate. Imprint conditions that affect the...

Authors: Ci Jun Shuai, Ji An Duan, Jue Zhong

Abstract: Fused-taper fiber coupler is usually fabricated by using a microburner. The coupler’s excess loss and performance repeatability are...

Authors: Ying Hu, Hong Hu, B. Li

Abstract: To meet the high speed and high precision requirements of machining freeform workpieces, a 4-DOF parallel kinematic platform with the...

Authors: Jian Jun Du, Ying Xue Yao, D. Liu, D.W. Feng

Abstract: The externally pressurized gas journal-thrust bearing with slot restrictors is investigated by the finite element technique. A consistent...

Authors: Zu Rong Qiu, L.Y. Nie, Guo Xiong Zhang, C.J. Yao

Abstract: This paper describes a micro-target semiautomatic assembly system used in ICF. In the system two halves of a cylindrical gold hohlraum (1.6...

Authors: Ming Chen, Y.P. Ma, Dao Hui Xiang, Fang Hong Sun

Abstract: Nanocrystalline diamond film with smooth surface and uniform grains was deposited successfully on Co-cemented carbide using the...

Authors: Cheng Yong Wang, C. Chen, Yue Xian Song

Abstract: In order to achieve the smooth surface of diamond, several kinds of mixture oxidizing agents have been used to polish the single crystal...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Xing Ai, Su Yu Wang, Zeng Wen Liu

Abstract: This paper focuses on developing an empirical model for the prediction of milling forces in high-speed end milling of P20 die-mold steel....

Authors: Ying Xue Yao, Dong Li Qin, H.B. Zhang

Abstract: In order to optimize static performance of a new orifices compensated externally pressurized gas spherical bearing, the paper presents a...

Authors: Shi An, J. Wang, J.P. Qian

Abstract: Recognizing and evaluating the development level of a country’s precise finishing industry, is the prerequisite to the country’s...


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