Bioceramics 19

Volumes 330-332

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Kai Chen, Xue Bin Zheng, H. Ji, Chuan Xian Ding, S.W. Lee

Abstract: Vacuum plasma sprayed (VPS) Ti coatings were deposited and their surface modification processes were performed by NaOH solution treatment...

Authors: Nicoleta Maria Badea, M. Jelinek, T. Tite, Mariana Prodana, A. Campean, Ioana Demetrescu

Abstract: The in-vitro bioactivity of SiC growing using the innovative hybrid laser-magnetron deposition technique was investigated. The biological...

Authors: Baoe Li, Xuan Yong Liu, Chuan Xian Ding

Abstract: In this work, collagen type I was covalently grafted on the surface of plasma sprayed titania coatings to improve their biocompatibility....

Authors: Marco A. Lopez-Heredia, Pierre Weiss, Pierre Layrolle

Abstract: Calcium phosphates coatings were deposited onto titanium discs via en electrodeposition method. Discs were blasted with calcium phosphate...

Authors: Yan Bin Tan, Xiang Hua Wang, Qiong Hua Wu, Wei Qi Yan

Abstract: Although compositional gradients could be manufactured for the functionally graded coating that was showed to improve bonding strength...

Authors: Y. Xu, Nan Huang, Hong Sun

Abstract: In this work, nonstoicheometric titanium oxide film on silicon matrix was prepared by unbalanced reactive pulsed magnetron sputtering...

Authors: Wei Dong Tong, Pan Jian Li

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HA) coated total hip joint device has caused concerns of generating wear particles after long-term implantation. We...

Authors: Hiroshi Masumoto, Takashi Goto, Yoshitomo Honda, Osamu Suzuki, Keiichi Sasaki

Abstract: Titania (TiO2) thin films were fabricated on titanium (Ti) substrates at low temperatures by electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma...

Authors: Sen Yang, Hau Chung Man

Abstract: To accelerate the bone growth around a metallic implant and to achieve the mechanical characteristics needed for biomedical applications, a...


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