Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masayuki Nara, Makoto Abbe, Kiyoshi Takamasu

Abstract: Simple and easy uncertainty estimation method is proposed. Provided that specification or simple experimental result is available, possible...

Authors: Sung Min Kim, I.C. Yang, D.K. Kim, Ha Suk Bae

Abstract: The effect of design features of an internal spinal fixator under loading is critical to understanding of interaction between fixator and...

Authors: Yohan Kondo, K. Sasajima, S. Noguchi, K. Kondo, Sonko Osawa, Kazuya Naoi, Toshiyuki Takatsuji

Abstract: AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) has proposed a new calibration method of gear measuring instrument...

Authors: O. Velychko

Abstract: According to international standards the accredited calibration and testing laboratories are required to use reliable measuring instruments...

Authors: Kentaro Sugawara, Osamu Sato, K. Yoshizaki, Ichiko Misumi, S. Gonda

Abstract: An innovative two-dimensional (2D) grating was designed for precision pitch measurement using an atomic force microscope with laser...

Authors: Sherif El-Sayed Hussein

Abstract: Foot disorders may arise from different functional impairments. In all cases the resulting problem relates to a disturbance of the normal...

Authors: Ren Cheng Zhang, J.H. Yang, Jian Hua Du

Abstract: Up to now, faults arc protection in electrical power system is passive by detecting electric current or arcing light. An active technique...

Authors: O. Ricken, Volker Hans

Abstract: In ultrasonic gas flow metering the ultrasonic wave is complex modulated by natural or artificial structures in the fluid. The...

Authors: W. Zeng, Xiang Qian Jiang, P. Scott, L. Blunt

Abstract: The detection of stationary and non-stationary noise in environmental vibration data is an important issue when considering the precision...

Authors: Sergey Y. Yurish

Abstract: This paper presents an advanced analog-to-digital conversion technique based on a voltage-to-frequency-to-digital conversion that is...


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