Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Wang, X.X. Li, Zi Chen Chen

Abstract: A planar capacitive sensor (PCS) is proposed for X and Y directions measurement. One axial displacement can be measured without the...

Authors: Y. Chen, Liang Chi Zhang, Joseph A. Arsecularatne

Abstract: This paper discusses the temperature characterization for nano-polishing of polycrystalline diamond composites (PCDCs) by combined...

Authors: Chi Fai Cheung, Tsz Chun Kwok, Sandy To, Wing Bun Lee, Xiang Qian Jiang, H.F. Li

Abstract: This paper presents a study of effect of cutting conditions on surface quality in FTS machining of optical microstructures such as...

Authors: Juan Liu, Hui Huang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the influences of abrasive size, abrasive concentration and admixture way on the abrasive dispersing of the sintered...

Authors: B.L. Wang, Han Huang, Jin Zou, Li Bo Zhou

Abstract: Silicon (100) substrates machined by chemo-mechanical-grinding (CMG) and chemicalmechanical- polishing (CMP) were investigated using atomic...

Authors: N.I. Plusnin, W.M. Il'yashenko, S.A. Kitan, S.V. Krylov

Abstract: The paper presents metrology of the growth and characterization of 3d metal monolayer films on silicon. EELS analysis of plasmon peaks...

Authors: Asur Guadarrama-Santana, Augusto García-Valenzuela

Abstract: In this work we show that in many practical situations it is possible to obtain the dielectric constant of coatings on plane conductive...

Authors: J.W. Chen, Bor Kai Wang, Jimmy C. Hsu, G.N. Rao

Abstract: We report the results of the broadband dielectric constant and loss tangent of the new complex perovskites Ba3MnTa2O9 with the test...

Authors: Ralf D. Geckeler

Abstract: To overcome the limitations of conventional interferometry, a technique has been developed which allows the absolute topography measurement...

Authors: Ralf D. Geckeler

Abstract: A movable pentaprism is a key element in deflectometric profilers, where it directs the beam of an angle measuring device towards the...


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