Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Cheng Wang, H.M. Lin, P.K. Chen, F.Y. Chang, Kuang Chao Fan

Abstract: This paper utilizes embedded systems to control an intelligent robot implemented with seven sensor networks. The work was carried out in...

Authors: L.C. Tsao, D.R. Chang, Wen Ping Shih, Kuang Chao Fan

Abstract: This paper presents fabrication and characterization of a pressure-sensitive polymeric composite on a flexible readout circuit as an...

Authors: Herbert F. Schweinzer, Georg Kaniak, J. Kellner

Abstract: Using phase information of ultrasound transducers outside the main lobe of the radiation pattern enables new sensor principles and improves...

Authors: Yoshiaki Akematsu, Atsutoshi Hirao, H. Takezawa, Kazuro Kageyama, Naotake Mohri, Hideaki Murayama

Abstract: In this study, we investigate the effect of discharge current on the occurrence of burst AE wave caused by microsecond discharge....

Authors: Xiao Kang Liu, Ye Tai Fei, D. Peng, X. Wang

Abstract: Time grating displacement sensor is briefly introduced for measuring space with time. The measured values of time grating will not update...

Authors: Shu Jie Liu, K. Watanabe, Satoru Takahashi, Kiyoshi Takamasu

Abstract: In the semiconductor industry, a device that can measure the surface-profile of photoresist is needed. Since the photoresist surface is...

Authors: Ksenia Sapozhnikova, Roald E. Taymanov

Abstract: Modern knowledge-intensive branches of industry require industrial intelligent sensors with enhanced metrological reliability. Such sensors...

Authors: M.D. Duta, Manus Patrick Henry

Abstract: Two similar approaches are presented for performing consistency checking of measured data in cases where associated uncertainty values are...

Authors: Zhi Gang Feng, Qi Wang, K. Shida

Abstract: This paper evaluates the validated uncertainty in SEVA sensor by integrating fault detection, identification and reconstruction (FDIR) and...

Authors: Roald E. Taymanov, I. Druzhinin, Ksenia Sapozhnikova

Abstract: Technical solutions applied to a special complex for measuring position of a control rod in the primary coolant circuit of nuclear reactor...


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