Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J.W. Park, Soo Chang Choi, H.S. Oh, Yong Woo Kim, S.W. Kim, C.M. Lee, D.W. Lee

Abstract: Recently, ultra-precision machining of components and dies for information and communication industries, such as fresnel mirrors,...

Authors: Zhi Min Zhao, L. Guo, W. Li, X. Hong, C. Ma

Abstract: In this paper we study on a novel method to distinguish the loading location on structures based on optical fiber network. The principle of...

Authors: Jun Xu, Bo You, X. Li

Abstract: This paper presents a high precision temperature measurement instrument based on quartz tuning-fork temperature sensor (QTTS) using...

Authors: Dong Hoon Kim, Jun Yeob Song, M.R. Lee

Abstract: This research is focused on the development of protecting system for window. In detail, we tried to develop pollution preventing system of...

Authors: Tae Ho Ha, C.W. Lee, J.W. Song

Abstract: In this paper, we propose novel measurement method that can measure the alignment states of the object in four degrees of freedom,...

Authors: Jeng Nan Lee, C.B. Huang, K.J. Jang, C.W. Tsai

Abstract: To improve vehicle fuel economy and to reduce environmental damage, higher efficiency and optimization of each component in automotive air...

Authors: Sang Won Park, S.W. Hong, H.S. Choi, W.E. Singhose

Abstract: Reducing residual vibration is very crucial to enhance the speed and precision of XY stages which are often employed by...

Authors: Eric S. Buice, S.T. Smith, Robert J. Hocken, D.L. Trumper, D. Otten

Abstract: This abstract presents the development of an ultra-precision motion controlled positioning stage for nanometer positioning over a working...

Authors: X.S. Ma, Ye Tai Fei, G.H. Li, Z.Y. Ying, S.Y. Li

Abstract: To meet the demand of large displacement measurement instrument with nanometer precision, this paper introduces the metrological grating...

Authors: Li Sun, Hong Nan Li, D.Z. Liang, J. Fang

Abstract: This paper investigates the lag time and the highest working frequency of Fiber Bragg Grating strain sensor in which strain wave transfers...


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