Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Li Dong, Wen Yi Deng, Y.N. Sun, Y.Q. Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a method to measure the deformation of large deployable mesh microwave antenna by using the photogrammetric technology....

Authors: Wen Yi Deng, Ming Li Dong, Nai Guang Lu, Y.Q. Wang

Abstract: The inflatable space antenna is gradually used in various spacecrafts because it is portable and foldaway. It is usually made of thin-film...

Authors: G.X. Jia, Xing Hua Qu, H. Gong, S.H. Ye

Abstract: This paper describes a method to characterizing the digital camera. The nonlinear relationship between the RGB signals generated by a...

Authors: C.L. Chu, C.Y. Chung, C.M. Tseng, Y.C. Lin, C.F. Li, K.M. Yeh

Abstract: This paper presents an autofocusing system for an optical microscope (OM) based on a low-cost, highly-sensitive laser focusing probe...

Authors: M. Yoshida, Kazuhisa Yanagi, M.H. Hafiz, M. Hara

Abstract: Grind gauge is a measuring tool for size of grains or particles included in paint or ink. Its geometrical specifications and operational...

Authors: Boon Ping Ng, S.H. Luen, Ying Zhang, Y.C. Soh

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed a method to attain a high sensitivity of weak optical signal detection by using the multi-wavelength modulation...

Authors: Hon Luen Seck, Ying Zhang, Y.C. Soh

Abstract: This paper proposes an improved active homodyne detection technique to compensate for the drift in homodyne measurement. The technique is...

Authors: Song Cui, Ying Zhang, S.Y. Lim, Y.C. Soh

Abstract: This paper presents a new set of estimation formulae for non-contact 2D displacement measurement by using the principle of triangulation...

Authors: Zhao Gang Dong, Ying Zhang, Y.C. Soh

Abstract: The shear force detection by using a tuning fork plays a key role in the implement all kinds of scanning probe microscopes. This paper...

Authors: Seiichi Mochizuki, M. Goto, Y. Ogasawara, F. Kajiya

Abstract: Nitric oxide (NO) produced in the endothelial cells and other tissues has been known to play a range of physiological roles including...


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