Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ryo Kobayashi, Shinya MORITA, Y. Watanabe, Y. Uehara, W. Lin, T. Mishima, Hitoshi Ohmori

Abstract: A non-contact on-machine measurement system has been developed since various precise machines are getting lighter and smaller; therefore,...

Authors: Ji Wen Cui, Jiu Bin Tan, Q. Shi

Abstract: In order to improve the measurement precision, an improved MAP algorithm is proposed to increase the edge aiming precision in this paper....

Authors: Yoshikazu Arai, S.Y. Dian, Wei Gao

Abstract: In this study, a novel control law including a fine-tuned PID component to yield basic dynamic performance, and a component derived from...

Authors: E.S. Lee, C.H. Lee, Sung Chung Kim

Abstract: This paper proposes a methodology for improving the machining accuracy based on auto tool setting & work-piece measuring on the machine...

Authors: J.W. Yu, T. You, Xiao Fen Yu

Abstract: So-called PV value can reflect the synthetic using performance of sliding bearings and the limit pressure of the lubricant. The newly...

Authors: Zhi Jing Yu, X.X. Li, D.R. He, Ji Gui Zhu, X.Y. Si, L. Zhang

Abstract: An optical imaging based fully automatic stereo vision system for aircraft assembly online measurement is presented and analyzed. In this...

Authors: Yuri V. Chuguy, Alexander G. Verkhogliad, Vladimir S. Bazin, Vadim E. Kalikin, Stepan V. Kalichkin, S. Makarov, Ignat A. Vykhristyuk

Abstract: Based on an optical structured light method an opto-electronic system for automatic noncontact distant measurements of wear and defects...

Authors: Branimir Barisic, M. Rucki, Z. Car

Abstract: The focus of this paper will be on comparison at the measurement of container lids between Advanced TOpometric Optical Sensor - ATOS III SO...

Authors: M. Numan Durakbasa, P.H. Osanna, M.E. Yurci, A. Nomak-Akdogan

Abstract: Surface structure is a suitability state that must be pursued closely workpiece components which work under severe conditions. It is a fact...

Authors: Gyula Varga, Illes Dudas

Abstract: Nowadays more and more scientific papers deal with drilling. The drilling process has been used for more than 5000 years and the...


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