Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Hui Cao, Yoshiharu Namba

Abstract: A method of straightness error compensation is presented, which is used in ultra-precision machining with nano-scale accuracy for a large...

Authors: Norihiko Itani, Y. Watanabe, W. Lin, Y. Uehara, Shinya MORITA, T. Mishima, Hitoshi Ohmori, Akitake Makinouchi

Abstract: We have been developing an intellectual manufacturing process applying IT (V-Cam system fabrication processes) based on Volume-CAD (VCAD)...

Authors: A. Dzierwa, P. Pawlus, Rafal Reizer

Abstract: The paper presents the results of measurements of surface topographies of chromium coatings after pneumatic ball peening. The studies were...

Authors: Vu Toan Thang, L.C. Du

Abstract: This article presents a calculation method for simple flat air bearing with central feed hole and pocket. A non-dimension relative...

Authors: D. Zhao, P. Qin, Ping Cai

Abstract: A novel vibration system for dynamic balancing measurement is presented based on flexure hinges mechanism. A kinetics modeling for this...

Authors: Sheng Hung Wang, Lee Long Han, Tsing Tshih Tsung

Abstract: One hydraulic pressure generator has been developed with a unique rotating valve and the waveform of generated waves is approximately...

Authors: Biao Wang, Xiao Fen Yu, H. Zeng

Abstract: The system bases on the theory of rolling-wheel to measure large diameter, by applying double counters to record the round grating’s signal...

Authors: Y. Yang, S. Deng, Z. Hong

Abstract: This paper presents a method for online measurement of the dimensions of thermal train wheel by one frame of photo-thermal image. A...

Authors: Yun Ping Sun, L.T. Wu, Yen Chu Liang

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to estimate the dimensional stability derivatives in linear dynamic model of a fixed-wing model-scale...

Authors: Ya Hui Hu, K.H. Lin, S.C. Chang, Ming Chang

Abstract: The optical-fiber alignment system is a critical role on micro/nano precision engineering. In this paper, the design and fabrication of a...


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