Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments VIII

Volumes 381-382

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K.H. Lin, Ya Hui Hu, C.A. Chan, Ming Chang

Abstract: The dynamic characteristic of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools is a critical role to decide the accuracy and speed of...

Authors: Yuri V. Chuguy, Alexander G. Verkhogliad, Vladimir S. Bazin, Vadim E. Kalikin, Stepan V. Kalichkin, S. Makarov, Sergei G. Savkov

Abstract: An optical-electronic measurement system for continuous monitoring of displacements and analysis of the friction pendulum bearings for the...

Authors: S. Yao, S.M. Barrans, L. Blunt

Abstract: A basic analytical model of the out-pump type complex journal gas bearing is set up to investigate the coupling mechanism between...

Authors: Shu Xing Xu, B. Wang, Yi Zhong Zheng

Abstract: The thickness of water film is an important parameter in the field of chemical industry. Water film is formed by the flowing water, which...

Authors: X.Y. Wang, Shu Gui Liu, Guo Xiong Zhang, B. Wang, L.F. Guo

Abstract: A simple and practical calibration method is proposed to calibrate the articulated arm flexible CMM. Firstly, a quasi-spherical coordinate...

Authors: Ye Tai Fei, M. Jiang

Abstract: The theory of dynamic measuring accuracy is the important basic theory of dynamic measurement, guarantees the optimal working state of...

Authors: Y. Yu, Shu Xing Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the characteristics of the high temperature environment in tin bath and the practical glassmaking of float glass production...

Authors: Yoshikazu Arai, Atsushi Shibuya, Y. Yoshikawa, Wei Gao

Abstract: A novel scanning probe measurement system has been developed to achieve precise profile measurements of micro-aspheric surfaces. The system...

Authors: Hiroomi Ogasawara, Noritsugu Maeda, Teru Hayashi

Abstract: The object of this paper is to describe the process and current status of the development project of an Ultra Precision Gear Measuring...

Authors: Y. Gao, K. Xiao, Y. Zhang, Y.S. Chan

Abstract: In order to allow optical signals to reach the workpiece surface to realize in-process optical measurement through an opaque coolant, a...


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